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About Us

Tipsy Desserts specializes in alcohol-infused desserts inspired by your favorite cocktails. We make desserts that suit every grown up occasion. We have a large variety of signature flavors and seasonal flavors for you to choose from. We also accept flavor requests when possible.

We carefully create your perfect desserts for your events and special occasions with passion. All desserts are made with top shelf liquor baked in, brushed on, and infused into the topping.

Though we specialize in alcohol-infused desserts, we also have a large variety of non-alcohol treats to choose from.

**Please be aware that you must be 21+ to order and consume our alcohol-infused desserts.**

Our Mission:

At Tipsy Desserts, we create decadent alcohol-infused desserts made with premium ingredients to provide costumers the experience of liquor and sweets treats in one bite.

All ingredients and supplies are sourced and Made in the USA.

As an effort to help reduce global plastic consumption, our company uses all eco-friendly boxes and packaging.


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